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Sunday, 17 July 2011

MCC come out top over 3 other teams in one day

  • v Brasted CC
  • Sunday 10th July
  • Sheen Park
  • Maladroits won by 6 wickets

A fairly comfortable victory in the end for the Maladroits after a workmanlike but effective performance in the field graced by a couple of moments of brilliance, backed up by a superb run chase littered with brilliant shot making

The Maladroits encountered three problems before the game that meant skipper Boozer was running round even more than usual; Firstly, the game was scheduled the day after JC’s epic wedding which meant a few of the team turned up either with sore heads or still drunk after over doing it the night before on the Rams Head Snuff– this reporter for one never wants to see Dom’s nipple again. Secondly, the Antipodean tea making crew (Glen, Matty & Tooves) managed to excel themselves by forgetting to bring the sandwiches they had so lovingly prepared the night before (did they ever make them? Topic to discuss).

Ever resilient, Boozer detailed people to pick up sandwiches from Sainsburys and the crisis was adverted. A third issue presented itself to the Maladroits even before they had taken the field, namely that our landlord’s had managed to double book the pitch. Faced with four teams all wanting a game, Boozer suggested a 20:20 tournament so that all teams played at least some cricket. This met with approval from the Maladroits as it meant less time in the field for the hungover players and a chance for the Antipodeans to hide their pony sandwiches amongst the other tea.

Muttering from some Geography teacher types from the other teams aside, a 15:15 game for both sets of teams was agreed. Maladroits took the field in the first game (cant remember who won the toss but doesn’t really matter as we always field first) and Glen opened up the bowling. A tidy first over produced a chance in the slips but alas, Lees moving like a disabled seal, flapped at the chance and it went down. Dom opened up from the other end and performed admirably considering he had contracted Gingervitis in one eye the previous evening from a girl he met in 151’s.

After 2 overs, the Geography teachers on the side lines decided it was best if they just left and found another pitch somewhere else. If ever there was a time to thank God for the English trait of not making a scene it was this as they trooped off in their sandles chuntering to each other about it “not being cricket” . The game reverted back to the original 35 overs a side and Glen and Dom continued to bowl tightly without forcing a break through. The opposition though were scoring at a moderate rate and the Maladroits had not let the game get away from them.

A change in the bowling introduced Tooves to the attack and Dusty’s doppleganger produced a testing 7 over straight spell. Tooves was unlucky not to claim a wicket for his endeavour. From the other end Paddy joined the attack and again kept it tidy, but didn’t threaten as much as he has previously in the Maladroit colours. The opposition meandered along to 72-0 but had used up 15 of their overs so had not run away with the game but the Maladroits needed wickets.

Cue Matty’s introduction to the game: smarting from losing both his keys the night before and the (unmade) sandwiches, Matty had something to prove. A disciplined spell produced all three of the first wickets to fall and put the Maladroits in the ascendancy. Two good catches from Paul and Tooves assisted him. The wickets started tumbling as the opposition innings stuttered – a great direct hit run out from Nails being the highlight of the fielding display. Paul and Ash both chipped in with wickets at the end as the Maladroits restricted the opposition to 147-6 of their allotted 35 overs.

At the interval the teams had a chance to sample the Antipodean tea. A home made Bacon & Egg pie scored highly but it was generally felt a busted job on account of the forgotten sandwiches. Ash and James opened the Maldroit innings, and after the mandatory straight clump for four, a hungover Ash was clean bowled. Nails announced himself to the attack by smacking a straight six to get off the mark. James and Nails then produced some cracking shots to eat into the opposition’s meagre target. James was particularly strong though the offside and the Maladroit score raced along, but James perished for a quick fire 43 and Paul soon followed for a solitary four. However, Nails was still at the other end playing his classy shots and a Maladroit victory was never in doubt.

Glen was stumped off the oppo best bowler for 18 and it was left for Paddy (12 not out) and Nails (56 not out) to coast home with plenty of time to spare. All in all, an effective performance from the Maladroits against an opposition who probably didn’t produced their best on the day.

Lowis 5 overs for 13
Moore 5 overs for 25
Paddy 4 overs for 16
Tooves 7 overs for 34
Bolland 7 overs, 3 for 19
Paul 4 overs, 1 for 11
Ash 3 overs, 1 for 13

Retter bowled 5
James Horton- quick 43
Nails 56*
Paul bowled 4
Lowis stumped 18
Paddy, not out 12

MOTM: Nails (consummate performance at the crease)

FOTD: Nails (dead eye run out)

DOTD: Matty (sandwiches, or lack of)

Teas: 65% (massively, massively more than should have been awarded – helped by the causal players vote who haven’t experienced a proper tea without the sandwich debacle)